Past cultural chamber was originally named Mesing, but later, because of the proximity of the opera and the visitors from this cultural field, it has been renamed into Opera bar.

Opera bar in the middle of Ljubljana was always the meeting place of artists and intellectuals. With today’s image, created by the architects Vesna Vozlič Košir and Matej Vozlič, the Promenade from Ljubljana became unique civic features.

They tried to capture a piece of nostalgia of the former “Mesing bar” and follow the tradition, that the Opera bar stays the meeting place of the middle and old civic generation, all those, which like to chat by a good cup of coffee.

The civic coffeehouse as a notion, which has been awaken by the ethnologist Damjan Osevc with his contributions, has now finally caught the sight of light. Indeed in a modern form, but suitable to the time and manners of our middle class.

The inn is composed out of three rooms, the first one has a bar and is the noisiest part of the inn, then there is a inconspicuous part for non smokers and in the upper floor there is a gallery for all those people, who like piece and quiet discussions. Our in has warm, natural colours, the colourful decorative pillows invite you to lean against them or to squeeze them into your arms. The extras and the artistic aesthetics of the Opera bar are inspired by the Australian patriots Aborigines, from the orange paintings on the ceiling to the sculptures and masks, which observe you from the tabernacles in the walls.

The owner of the inn has contributed to the whole image of the place, then he is an Australian Slovene. But origin can be quickly discovered by the look on a great screen on the wall, where you are able to see the projections of the natural wonder and animals of Australia. In spite of the trip to the world “down under”, the coffeehouse is in European still and very modern. It invites the citizens of our capital like the old “Mesing bar” with its image and its offer.

The trendy environment is also suitable for the pretentious guests. Young and experienced waiters will help you by the choice of your drink – from quality wines to cocktails, teas, cognacs and many more.

We are expecting you in Cankarjeva ulica 12 near the former main promenade to Tivoli, in the ambient with the Australian touch and lively music.