Simčič wines

Simčič wines are grown in the heart of Brdo on Briško ground, which are ideal for grapes. Simčič wines are divided in two lines – the first line are wines, which are carefully grown but not so pretentious (Chardonnay, Grey Pinot, Cabernet Sauvignon), the second line are more complex wines, grown from selected better grapes (Teodor white wine, Teodor red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon Selection...).
Simčič wines are grown with love and effort, that’s why they are very qualitative and popular.

  • Cabernet Sauvignon:
    fresh, soft and drinkable wine with great taste
    structural, reach wine, modern style, grown from selected grapes
  • Chardonnay:
    characteristic are fresh and lively mineral tones; long lasting
  • Grey Pinot:
    very charming with a soft structure and sorted characteristics
  • Teodor white:
    elegant fruit wine, very reach and creamy, based on Rebula, grows in oak casks
  • Teodor red:
    prestige wine, velvet ruby colour, grown from selected grapes of best vintages, especially Merlot and less Cabernet Sauvignon.

Movia is a trade mark of wines from ripe vineyards on Slovene and Italian side of Brdo and are a product of many years of work and investments. Movia wines are undoubtedly exclusive wines and are worth trying.

  • Great white:
    grown from mixed grapes or new wines and not produced wines. Old wines are added, they keep its constant charm. The wine is based on Rebula, followed by the Chardonnay and Grey Pinot.
  • Great red:
    based on Merlot, followed by the Cabernet Sauvignon and Blue Pinot; biological growth and late vintage
  • Rebula:
    usually Rebula is a fresh, simple wine, but not Rebula Movia, because this wine is a product of late vintage and long ripening in oak casks – ripe fruit, full and round.

Riddoch wines: Wines are grown in the heart of the best Australian vineyard - COONAWARA!

  • Cabernet merlot:
    attractive red wine with fruit aftertaste after red raisins and mature plums, combined with the pleasant taste of oak.
  • Cabernet Shiraz:
    popular red wine is distinguished by the complex palette of mature fruit aromas, combined with sweet and bitter oak touch. A little bit of cooked plums and sweet spices.
  • Chardonnay:
    fresh combination of ripped peaches, melons and citrons
  Cape Mentelle

Unique marine impact of the region Margaret River assures ideal conditions under which the wines of the region are grown. The region Margaret River is the most distant vineyard in the world (West Australia).

  • Cabernet Merlot:
    By this elegant mixture Merlot gives Cabernet softness. Soft tannin base is supported by concentrated strawberries and a touch of vanilla and oak. So this wine is a calm red wine.
  Green Point

Elegance of cold climate: Elegant and individual wines, which differ from other wines after fragrant sorted expression.  
High hills and lowlands of the state Victoria: Between the high hills and lowlands of the state Victoria lays one of the best locations with cold climate in Australia.

  • Green Point Shiraz:
    Shiraz of the cold climate. The wine reflects a reach collection of tastes from ripe strawberry bushes to white paper and liquorice.
  • Green Point Chardonnay:
    Complex aromas of fresh peaches, peels of grapefruits and cinnamon combined with vanilla and oak. Vintage performed by hand.