Dom Pérignon
  Dom Pérignon always personified this beautiful ambition, which we call luxury. Tasting begins with wine, which comes alive in a bright, cheerful spiral with a touch of angelica, coconut, cinnamon, cacao and tobacco. In the mouth, the wine becomes complete: earth, smoke and pearl, underlined with lively warmth of sharp spices. It develops an intensive feeling and melts into a deep, round up heart with a exotic fruit maturity and a slice of anise. This almost exciting feeling is even perceptible at the end, when the spices stay present with a taste after well baked and iodine.
  Moët & Chandon
  • Brut Imperial:
    Full, reach and dynamic, because of the grape trio, brut impérial is one of the leading wines in the series of Imperial Range. The wine, which is the main representative of Moët & Chandon builds the basis for the style Maison. Bright yellow with a touch of green.
    Delicate fruit (mixture of fresh fruits) and flower (white flowers) smell with a cake taste.
    Willing, fleshy and mild taste in the mouth and fresh and persuasive end.
  • Brut Imperial Rose:
    Taste after the fruit of wine pinot noir, fresh, spontaneous and willing. Pink colour with a touch of bronze.
    Izrazite arome, prevladuje okus po divji jagodi in rdečem ribezu ter po malce popra.
    Explosion of lively and direct taste after fruit, soft structure in the middle of the mouth, fresh and willing end.
  • Nectar Imperial:
    Reach and mature, oily and deep golden yellow colour.
    Exotic fruit aroma, candied white fruit with a touch of sweet spices. Strong beginning, mild taste in the middle, sensual end.